3 Benefits of Home Siding

Home Siding InstallationSiding is growing quickly in popularity, and with good reason. Today’s home siding delivers outstanding benefits that not only save you time and hassle but can also save you money. With so many siding materials, color, and texture choices, there is sure to be a formula that’s perfect for your home.


Siding has come a long way in the past few years, gaining strength in durability, and well as protective abilities and resistance to the elements. In fact, today’s siding can resist water damage, as well as fading and deterioration from UV rays, wind, and other hazards.


Siding has always been a comparatively cost-effective way to keep your home protected and looking nice, and it still is. Siding installation costs only slightly more than a quality repair and paint project for your home and can last 20-30 years without need replacement. Today’s siding choices are fade and damage resistant, so there’s no need for painting and only minimal maintenance and repairs will be required. Modern siding choices are also very UV resistant which can save you substantial amounts on energy costs.


Modern siding choices are as abundant as home material choices and are available in multiple colors, tints, and textures. Home siding is available in traditional vinyl, but can also be found in wood shakes, metal, stone. Or even cement. These sidings can be made to appear however you would like and can last and [protect your home for as long as you own it.

There’s no denying that home siding choices and durability has come a long way. Today’s siding can not only protect your home, but save you time, money, and hassle. For more information on the benefits of home siding, call the experts of C and J Roofing today at 717-267-0059.