Benefits of a Screened Porch

If you love fresh air, but hate the annoyances like bugs or bad weather that can prevent you from getting it, consider getting a screened porch. Just like a regular porch, only it is wallled in with mesh screens. Here are some benefits of a screened porch.

No more bugs

With the mesh and aluminum screen acting as the walls, not insects will be able to get in. that means you will be allowed to enjoy your time outside in peace without the constant buzzing of a pesky bug.

Can enjoy in any weather

There Are So Many Benefits to Installing a Covered Screened Porch

Rain or shine, cold or hot, you can use this screened porch year-round. Throw a party in spring, drink a cup of hot cocoa in winter, play outside in the summer, or relax with a good book in the fall.

Great place to entertain guests

Throw parties and get-togethers inside your screened porch. Host brunch or kids’ birthday parties- the entertaining ideas are limitless.

Shade to keep cool

If it is too sunny and hot and you need to cool off, simply come into your screen room and relax as you get away from the heat. This can also help you to not get sunburnt, as you can stay in the shade.

Safe outdoor area for children

If you live in a busy, dangerous, or weather-fluctuating area, having a screen room is great when you have children. The kids can still get some fresh air and vitamin D while being safely within your sight and reach of the house.

Quiet area

Many people use their screened in porches to relax and watch the sunset, read a good book, take naps, do puzzles or other calming hobbies like knitting.

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