The Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof Coating

Roof Coatings Can Apply to Almost Any Roof for Protection and the Repair of Damage.

When it comes to a damaged, old, or otherwise compromised roof, most roofing contractors will recommend total roof replacement. In many cases, however, a roof can derive even more benefits from the application of a roof coating. At C&J Roofing, we always make recommendations with an eye to our customers’ best interests. When compared to replacement, roof coatings offer many advantages.

Cost Effective

An entirely new roof represents a tremendous expense for a business. On top of the cost of labor, material, and prolonged work hours, you must also pay for the removal and disposal of the old roof. Roof coatings apply directly over an old roof, so there’s nothing to haul to the dump. They also apply quickly, which reduces your overall expense for labor.


Most roof coatings are formulated to reflect UV rays away from your structure. Your roof will stay cooler, which prolongs its life, and your structure’s interior will remain more comfortable on the hottest days.


With roof coatings, you will never have to haul tons of roofing material to the dump. You can simply refresh the coating every 10 years or so to continually derive benefits. This has a positive environmental impact, not to mention the savings it affords on roof repairs and maintenance.

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