Reasons Why You Need Routine Roof Maintenance

Keeping your roof in good condition is important and routine roof maintenance can keep it in the best shape possible. While it’s something that isn’t done very often, it’s something that all homeowners should consider doing annually. Here are reasons why you need routine roof maintenance.

Routine roof maintenance

Routine Roof Maintenance Can Improve the Quality and Life Of Your Roof.

Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Having routine maintenance done to your roof can really increase the life of your roof. If your roof is neglected, there is a possibility you will have to get a new roof sooner than you wanted to.

Prevents Damage

If something is going on with your roof that you don’t know about, regular maintenance can catch the problem before it is beyond repair. Without routine maintenance, the problem will not get caught and fixed until it’s too late.

Gets Debris Off the Roof

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to have a few leaves or tree branches on your roof, but it can seriously affect the condition of your roof. Leaves and other debris can cause moisture on the roof, which will then cause the roof to rot. It can also clog your gutters and create standing water.

Better Energy Efficiency

Having routine maintenance on your roof can improve your energy efficiency. If there are holes in the roof, it can cause the temperature, depending on what time of year it is, to go up or down, causing you to use more energy. A roofer will be able to fix the problem with annual maintenance.

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How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof

hail damage

Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage? C&J Roofing Can Help You With Repairs, Contact Us Today.

Depending on your area, hail damage can be a rare occurrence or something you prepare for each storm cycle. No matter the level of threat, the impact hail damage can have on a roof can be devastating and long-lasting if proper repairs and maintenance is not taken right after the storm has blown through.

Even if you inspect your roof and do not see any damage on the surface, if you think your residential or commercial roof has suffered any damage whatsoever, it’s important to get it inspected from the professionals at C&J Roofing.

Here are a few signs to look for when you think your roof has hail damage:

  • Bruising, cracking or granules missing from the asphalt shingles or your current roofing system
  • Run your hands over the roof to inspect for any ripples or dimples in the surface – if you press down on one and it gives, that is a sign your roof has suffered damage
  • Check the surrounding area – have your gutters been torn loose? Do you see any debris underneath a shingle?

If you spot any damage at all, either listed above or you notice anything else not quite right with your roof, cover the area immediately and give C&J Roofing a call for assistance in roof repair. The longer you wait after hail damage has occurred, the more problems you will face in your commercial or residential space.

Regardless of the level of damage from hail, every report or concern must be reported and made aware to prevent shingles or your roof from being ripped off or chipped away over time. Contact us 717-267-0059 at C&J Roofing in Chambersburg, PA to fix your roof from recent hail damage.