How do roof insurance claims work?

roof damage

What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance?

If you’re a new homeowner, or even a longtime homeowner, you may not know the first thing about filing roof insurance claims, or any kind of claim as far as that goes.  In our piece today, we’re going to answer some questions about how to file an insurance claim for roof damage and all things related to roofing issues and problems.  Hopefully, we will provide you answers that can give you some understanding of the process, or at least provide you a way to question your insurance agent should you have roof leaks and insurance claims to file in the future. 

The majority of home insurance policies are standard with include coverage on the dwelling and other structures. The dwelling coverage assist the homeowner in costs of rebuilding or repairing their home  your home and all attached structures.  There are sixteen disasters that are referred to as perils that homeowner insurance will pay claims, including roof insurance claims: 

  • Accidental and sudden water discharge from the following: 
    • air conditioners
    • appliances
    • heating systems
    • sprinkler systems
  • Accidental and sudden bulging, burning, cracking, tearing resulting in destruction of the following: 
    • AC/ Heating systems
    • water heater
    • sprinkler systems
  • Aircrafts
  • Civil riots and unrest 
  • Explosions
  • Falling items or objects
  • Fire, lightning
  • Frozen AC or heating system
  • Frozen appliances, plumbing, and sprinkler systems
  • Hailstorms  and windstorms
  • Malicious vandalism
  • Power surges
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vehicles
  • Erupting volcano
  • Weight from ice, sleet, snow

A homeowners policy stating that all perils are covered should be reviewed in detail with the fine print where exclusions are often listed that will throw any roof insurance claims out.  Those exclusions may include damage from any of the following: 

  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Landslides
  • Mudslides
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Sinkholes
  • Wars 

How do I get my insurance to pay for a new roof?

 Nobody wants to deal with a damaged roof for a couple of reasons: 1). It isn’t fun. 2). It can be costly. 3). It means dealing with roof insurance claims with your homeowners’ insurance, which certainly isn’t fun and can be very frustrating. 

However, homeowner’s insurance is a resource that is there for you, and roof insurance claims is only one of the things they handle. To make your roof insurance claim smooth, we offer you the following tips that can help you get that roof insurance claim check: 

Review Your Policy

Review now before you have plumbing or roof insurance claims, or any type of claims. When you know and understand the terms of any given insurance policy, you have one step up in a possible battle. That doesn’t mean that your specific situation won’t be denied, but if you know this is possible going to battle, then the rest of these tips may be what helps you get that claim check. 

Get Damage Documented

Insurance companies typically find roof insurance claims to be more compelling when there are pictures and videos. Take pictures, date and time stamped, now before there any roof damage for reference point to compare to if and when you do have any roof insurance claims to file later on. In addition to pictures and videos, when you do have damage, document everything about the damage starting with the date and time frame and details of the damage. 

The Professional Inspection

Next to pictures, videos, and documentation, insurance companies regard professional estimates as valuable information. Even though they will do their own for all roof insurance claims with a staff insurance adjuster, furnishing them one yourself is more helpful documentation. A professional roofing contractor should be accustomed to working with roof insurance claims and know exactly what your homeowner’s insurance will require. Remember, this contractor  is on your side and will work the estimate to get you the best outcome so they can get the job. It will be helpful to have two to three roof inspections with written estimates to furnish  your insurance company. 

Your Roofs Age

Before you find yourself deep into the roof insurance claims process, you should have some idea the age of your roof. Even if your roof insurance claims  are approved, they payment issued will factor in the age of the roof and prorate the amount they pay. A roof that 10 years old or less will likely have full payment value. A roof over 10 years old, they are paying you a depreciated amount. 

What do insurance adjusters look for on roofs?

Okay, you have all your pictures, videos, documentation, professional inspections with estimates, why is the insurance company sending somebody out to inspect the roof too? Well, they are the verge of having to pay you money and they want to make sure all roof insurance claims are based on legitimate needs. So, they send one of their own, an insurance adjuster, to inspect the roof. What are they looking for? 

  • Determine the roof’s age.
  • The installation of the existing roof.
  • Any broken, curled, or missing shingles.
  • UV damage.
  • Overhanging tree branch damage.
  • Loose or popped nails.
  • Basic wear and tear.

Can you keep insurance claims for roof?

What if you get a check for  insurance roof claims for hail damage, but you don’t see the damage so bad it needs repairing. You could use that money to pay up some bills or take a trip. Can a homeowner do that? Well, the check is made out to you, that makes it your money …. Unless your mortgage company is listed on the check too.  Yes, that means both parties would have to sign the check for it be cashed or deposited. If there is any clause within your mortgage, you’ll have to get the repairs done. 

leak from roof through ceiling

Does insurance pay for replacing old roof?

For roof insurance claims caused by perils we listed earlier, most homeowner’s insurance policies will pay for roof replacement. If roof insurance claims is for damage as the result of age, normal wear and tear, or homeowner’s neglect, then no, your claim will be denied. 

Any type of claims, especially roof insurance claims, can be tricky if you don’t understand what is in your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Review this documentation a couple of times each year and if you’re in doubt with any part of it, ask your insurance agent to explain it to you and advise you if there are changes you can make that will better benefit you with roof insurance claims or any other claims. Need help with your roof insurance claim in Chambersburg, PA? Call 717-267-0059 today.

Is a Security Door Necessary?

door with security bolt

Do security doors work?

Before we answer that question, let’s get a definition exactly what is a security door first. A security door has special recessed hinges  and is specially made to provide protection for homes against intruders and unwanted visitors. While a security door can’t be 100 percent secure, it is the closest thing to it and is virtually impossible to break through it or pick the lock. 

There are various types of security doors, all manufactured following the American National Standards Institute guidelines. You can choose a security door in aluminum, metal, or steel and offer the following: 

  • The hinge screws installed won’t allow the security door to open even with the hinge pins removed. 
  • The hinges are hidden.
  • The keys are duplicated only by the manufacturer and requires permission from the owner. 
  • Keyless lock and fingerprint locks are available. 
  • Peepholes are available and alarms, door chains, and deadbolts can be added to any security door.

What is the most secure front door?

Your home’s front door is more than a part of the aesthetics and curb appeal, it is your security door too. It is the first line of defense that keeps your family safe. This is why it is important when choosing a front door to choose the safest one possible. 

The material your front door is made from is an important factor. It will affect the appearance, durability, cost, and most of all, your security. The material of your security door should be your first concern, and the most common recommendation is steel. 

A steel door is the best security door because it provides the most security. A steel door is temperature and weather resistant, meaning it won’t crack, expand, or warp. A steel security door can start around $150 to have a full set up and can be painted to match your home’s exterior décor. Extra reinforcing isn’t necessary because steel security doors cannot be kicked in, so anyone you don’t want to enter your home, won’t be able to.

For the sake of providing you the most information on security door choices, the worst one you can choose is one made of fiberglass. They are inexpensive, starting around $200 but can go as high as $4,000. They don’t warp with temperature changes and come in a wood-look now, but fiberglass is the weakest material. Fiberglass doors are not recommended to be used as a security door. 

So, are steel doors more secure? 

Yes, when compared to fiberglass or wood, a steel security door is the better choice. They are thicker and more difficult to break through. Other factors to consider about a steel security door are: 

  • Appearance: There are fewer options and styles and can’t be customized. 
  • Installation: Must be done by a professional  with the door be cut to specifications to fit the doorway. Anchors and wall frames are installed to give the door the best fit possible. Drywall may be required to complete the frame. 
  • Cost: A basic steel security door can cost between $200 and $500, and go as high as $1,000, depending on the thickness.  on the thickness of the steel. The installation is in addition and can cost up to $1,800.
  • Energy Efficient: A steel security doors is more energy-efficient than wood, but not as energy-efficient as a fiberglass door. 
  • Security: A steel security door provides more protection than fiberglass or wood because they are thicker material, making it harder to break through. 
  • Durability: A steel security door has a thin outer layer and is more likely to dent and scratch compared to fiberglass. However, penetration inside of the door is not possible when kicked.
  • Maintenance: A steel security door will rust when hosed down with water. Keeping it oiled is important to keep the door in working order, but they do not need cleaning.
  • Heat: Heat will transfer from the exterior of a steel security door to the interior, heating it up and creating heat inside the home instead of contracting and expanding like a fiberglass door
  • ROI: Both fiberglass and steel security doors will increase your home’s value for resale purpose, and a new front door is always a plus for the curb appeal. You can expect as much as 90% ROI with a steel door versus just over 75% with a fiberglass door.

Do you need a security door or security system?    

Security door vs security system

More than two million burglaries take place every year in the United States according to Alarm System Report. That averages to one home burglary every 13 seconds. Almost 60 percent of those burglaries happen while the occupants or owners are at work or school. 

Homes with coverage from fences, gardens, and trees are likely the first to be burglarized. Almost 100% of these burglaries are forced break-ins.  Yet, despite these numbers, less than 20 percent of citizens have any type of anti-burglar or alarm protection system. 

With that information and those numbers, which is the best option: a security door vs security system?  Let’s look at the pros of each: 

Security Door Pros

  • A Deterrent for Intruders
  • Beefs Up Security
  • Strong Doors Have Strong Locks
  • Property Value Add
  • Fire Retardant

Security System Pros

  • Protects your valuables
  • A Deterrent for Intruders
  • Remote access allowed by mobile device
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Discount
  • Fire or Gas Notification 
  • Know When Kids Get Home

If you’re shopping for a security measure for your home, review these pros and determine which is more important to you. If you don’t have children at home, then that feature of a security system probably isn’t necessary. 

Do security doors keep bugs out?

Yes, if the security door you have installed comes with a screen, and most of them do.  This will not only keep human intruders out of your home, but those crawling, creeping, flying, jumping, sliding, and slithering intruders too. As bad as the burglary numbers are, there are more than 500,000 insects in country. 

security door

Is Your Home Safe?

So, are security doors worth it? When you start shopping for different security measures for the home, the cost may have you wonder are security doors good to have, or would it be a waste of money.  While a security door can be expensive, the homeowners that have them installed will tell you they are worth the expense for the peace of mind they provide for many years. Call 717-267-0059 today for security door installation in Chambersburg, PA.

Is a Roof Restoration Worth it?

metal roofing system

Restoring your roof

To answer the question of whether an acrylic roof restoration is worthwhile, let’s define exactly what is a roof restoration. Roof restoration transforms a damaged and old roof into a healthy roof and extend its lifespan, in some cases, even better than the original new roof. There are several reasons that a commercial building owner will decide that a roof restoration is the better option. If you’re considering roof restoration or replacement, among the reasons to consider are: 

  • A roof restoration is financially practical and smart alternative, saving as much as fifty percent vs a completely new roof. 
  • With no requirement to tear off the old  roofing, a roof restoration job takes half the time.
  • Daily activities and business aren’t interrupted while the roof restoration is in process. 

What are the signs of a bad roof?

Commercial roofing systems are integral part of protecting your business. With multiple components that must be in top condition for the roof to do the protecting, it becomes complex. It is important for the owner or building management to have the roof inspected on a regular basis. 

Those inspections help find small issues that a roof restoration can be the solution. Otherwise, those small issues are left alone, the need for roof replacement becomes necessary. With commercial structure ownership, solid roof maintenance plan is necessary. Indications of trouble for a commercial roof are: 

Ponding:  Water is an enemy of a roof and with flat commercial roofing it is a big possibility that is usually due to lack of or poor drainage. When a flat roofing system can’t drain, ponding is created and weakens the roofing structures. Aging is sped up by the chemical leaching and UV exposure.

Moisture: When you’re seeing condensation and water stains on the ceiling could be from the HVAC system or plumbing. The first step is to have an expert inspect the situation to determine the cause so that you’re not wasting money or time on repairs. 

Rot: This is often undetected when it is in restricted or unused areas of a building. One reason why routine commercial roofing inspection is necessary is to find these undetected problems before they become a roof leak and require roof replacement. Found in time, roof restoration can be an inexpensive and quick fix. 

Mildew and Mold: Any time you see mildew and mold, they typically go hand in hand with moisture problems that can come from leaking HVAC ductwork, plumbing, or a roof leak. Consulting with an expert is recommended before starting on repairs that may not be necessary when roof restoration is sufficient.  

Can a roof be repaired instead of replaced?

Whether your commercial structure needs roof restoration and repairs is dependent upon the extent of the damage and the age of the roof. When damage is minimal and the age of the roof is within the expected lifespan, roof restoration is acceptable and recommended. 

How much does a roof restoration cost?

A complete commercial roof replacement is expensive and time intensive, starting with the removal of the current roof. Depending what type of flat roofing system you choose, you can expect a new roof to cost as much as $25 per square foot. The size of the roof will determine the time it takes which can be up to a week. 

Commercial roof restoration doesn’t take as much labor or materials, so the cost is much less, as little as $6 per square foot. The job can typically complete in two days if a second coating is required. Another financial feature is that a roof restoration is a maintenance expenditure, giving you a a tax benefit because it doesn’t depreciate like a roof replacement. 

How long does a roof restoration last?

Typically, a commercial roof has a lifespan of 20 years, depending on the environment and quality of the installation job. A roof restoration can add another ten to fifteen years to the original roof. 

flat roof in need of restoration

What is involved in a roof restoration?

Your first step in getting a roof restoration is finding a contractor that know how to do a roof restoration correctly as well as shopping for price. Get all estimates in writing and includes the warranty. 

Before the roof restoration job starts the contractor will do a complete inspection and a thorough cleaning. Then they will begin the real work of roof restoration: 

  • Ridge capping 
  • Apply the roof restoration protective coating

Your commercial structure houses your business, your livelihood. It is also where your employee’s livelihood is and there are customers that depend on you being there when they need you. It is worth the sanctity of all that to have the best protection possible, including the roof that covers that structure.  A roof restoration is one of the best, less intrusive, and quickest ways to keep your business and all that it encompasses protected. Call 717-267-0059 today for your roof restoration.

Why Gutters Are Important

Corner of a house with gutter and tiled roof

Learn More About Gutters

Gutters are essential when a storm comes around and there is a heavy flow of water. When it comes to protecting your home from water damages having a well-installed gutter system will be useful. Gutters come in a variety of shape, sizes, and materials which can host a range of benefits into protecting your home. It’s best to get in touch with an expert roofer in order to see which type of system will fit with your property. Here is some general background information surrounding gutters that may prove useful to you in the meantime. 

What happens if you don’t have gutters?

What happens if you don’t have gutters?

Gutters are essential to have on your roof as without the pathways of proper drainage water will cause massive erosion which will wash increasing amounts of soil away each time that it rains. This can be a danger to the landscape as it may cause it to wear down while also having runoff water flow towards the home instead of away. In order to have a foundation settle it’s best to not have waterlogged soil.

Do I need gutters around my entire house?

Gutters aren’t necessary in some cases yet if there are sloped roofs they most likely will be required. Most residential homes are constructed to direct water down the slopes and towards a gutter system which will further streamline water flow into a drain.

What type of gutter is best?

Two gutter materials that are used most often are aluminum and vinyl due to the fact that they are cost-efficient options. After this, there are stainless steel gutters yet they are higher in price. Ultimately the gutter system that’s best for your home may differ. 

What are the different gutter styles?

The two most known styles of gutters are the K-shape and half-round tubes. Older and historic homes will have the latter while newer homes will typically have the k-style or another shape. K-style gutters are better as they have twice the capacity. K-style comes in many styles yet they are typically flat backed with flat bottoms with a front that mimics the crown molding by being shaped typically in a curve or ogee. Depending on your preferences there can be many options in the shape that you choose for your property.

What’s better vinyl or metal gutters?

Depending on the type of metal that you select for your gutters it may be better to go with that option. Aluminum gutters will have the best performance over other materials and only cost slightly more than vinyl.

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters can greatly reduce the possibility of leaks, have baked enamel that eliminates the need for painting, have many colors to choose from, can be formed for exact measurements, and will provide a more attractive look.

Selective colorful fall foliage of green, yellow, orange, red, dried brown leaves clogged on metal gutter of residential house near Dallas, Texas, USA. Bradford pear leaf crowded on drainage

How do you know when to clean gutters?

  • Rainwater is overflowing from the gutters. 
  • Gutter is sagging.
  • Staining along your siding.
  • Standing water near your home’s foundation.
  • Critters are crawling into your gutters.
  • Birds are flocking to your gutters.

What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?

If you don’t clean your gutters you may have clogged gutters and water damage risking the integrity of the roof due to overflowing situations. You may have damaged shingles, leaks, and more. What’s more with clogged gutter ad downspouts the proper drainage ability will be lost which may damage your landscaping.

Is it normal for gutters to overflow in heavy rain?

If your gutters are installed correctly and cleaned it shouldn’t overflow. If you don’t have enough downspouts this may be the reason why your gutters are overflowing with heavy rain. Another issue can be that your gutters aren’t sized properly as depending on the amount of roof surface you have a larger gutter that may be necessary. In either case, gutters should be installed properly so that the leading edge of the roof drains into the gutter and not behind or over it. 

How long do gutters last on a house?

Gutters will last for a number of years depending on the material that it’s made of. According to the National Association of Homebuilder’s gutters made of aluminum can last for 20 years with aluminum downspouts lasting 30. With copper, you’ll have a life expectancy of 50 years with copper downspouts lasting 100 years or more. 

Reach Out to Your Local Roofers About New Gutters 

If you’re looking for a secure gutter installation it will be best to contact a qualified roofer for more information. They will be able to measure the specification of your roof with an inspection and offer you insight on which type of materials and styles will be right for your particular roofing system. Gutters will ensure that your home is protected from water damages with proper pathways of drainage. Install new gutters today and improve the protection of your home.

If you’re interested in new gutters in Chambersburg, PA call 717-267-0059 with C & J Roofing LLC.! 

Can I Build a Deck Directly on the Ground?

A New Deck Installation

Can I build a deck directly on the ground?

If you are considering a deck installation on grass, this is very possible to do. This type of deck installation is known as a floating deck. While you can install this deck directly on the ground, it’s best to install it either over a bed of gravel or on blocks. This will help keep the wood away from moisture. The blocks can either be concrete blocks or specially made blocks for decks. Usually, no building permit is needed to install a floating deck, but check local ordinances to make sure. If you are considering installing a deck and need home improvement services in Chambersburg, PA, let the experienced team at C & J Roofing LLC. help. Deck installation is just one of the many services we offer. Find out more by calling 717-267-0059.

Does a deck add value to a home?

Deck installation can be a valuable addition to your home. Depending upon whether your deck is wood or composite, you can recoup anywhere between 69% to 75% of the costs in a resale, with wood decks tending to have a higher resale value, although they require more maintenance. Decks are very appealing to millennials, especially, and this generational group is among the growing group of homebuyers in the country. In fact, decks are often considered a must-have in this age group.

What is a good size deck?

When considering a deck installation, choosing the right size will depend on how much space you have available, as well as what your plans for the deck are. If you are planning to entertain often and have large groups over, then a larger deck is appropriate. At a minimum, a good deck should be around 300 to 400 square feet. The longest side of the deck should be proportionate to your home, otherwise, the deck can make your home look smaller. Is a 12×12 deck big enough? A 12×12 deck is generally large enough for moderate entertaining and smaller, more intimate gatherings. It will have plenty of room for furniture as well as a grill and other accessories.

How do you install new decking?

As with any home improvement project, building a deck requires planning, as well as the right tools and materials. Here are some tips to get started on a deck.

  • Check with building and permitting officials. Some decks require building permits, others do not.
  • Plan the deck’s dimensions. First, you’ll measure your yard’s space so you know how much room you have, especially if you ever want to expand. You’ll then measure out the deck’s dimensions and mark it out where the support posts or caissons will go with spray paint and orange flags.
  • Bore 15-inch holes at the marked positions after removing strings and stakes used to denote dimensions.
  • Set forms around the holes for concrete. The concrete is mixed and shoveled into the holes and a J-bolt is embedded in each caisson before the concrete sets. 
  • The deck frame is then started by adding perimeter and center boards.
  • The main boards are then placed, with perimeter boards set onto anchor plates installed on the caissons. The main boards are secured by nailing corner brackets on.
  • The frame is then finished out with treated joists.
  • The decking material is then added. It’s attached to the joists with decking screws. A ¼-inch gap is left between boards.
  • To complete the deck, the anchor brackets are bolted to the caisson and nails are driven through the perimeter.

Anytime you need help with deck installation and repair, make sure to call in professionals like those at C & J Roofing LLC..

Installing deck guardrail posts

When it comes to deck installation, guardrail posts are essential for safety. On many older decks, the posts were installed outside of the deck framing. These days, current building codes stipulate that posts go on the inside, though you should check with your building department to find out what is up to code in your area. You can check on all requirements for building the deck with the building department, including how many bolts are needed to firmly secure the posts. These posts need to be installed before the decking. Usually, when dealing with wood railing posts, they’ll be 4x4s between 36 to 42 inches tall. They can be left bare or covered with composite or PVC sleeves. Most building codes also stipulate the posts can be no more than six feet apart.

A New Deck Frame.

Deck installation near me

Are you planning to have a deck built? If so, you’ll want experienced professionals to do the job. For deck installation in Chambersburg, PA, you can find those experienced professionals at C & J Roofing LLC.. We are experts when it comes to home improvement and offer plenty of solutions to fit your needs. Learn more about our team or schedule a service appointment and get an estimate by calling 717-267-0059.

How do you Extend the Life of a Roof?

acrylic roof coating

What is acrylic roof coating?

There are several ways to extend the lifespan of your roof whether it’s on your business or home. You can get regular inspections, keep an eye out for debris, manage the trees nearby, and even ventilate your roof, but sometimes you want to make more proactive measures. An Acrylic elastomeric roof coating or an acrylic roof coating is a form of roof restoration that can be applied to your roof to significantly extend its lifespan. An acrylic coating provides increased water and weather resistance among other benefits like acting as a barrier against the constant barrage of sunlight that is the primary factor in cutting a roof lifespan. Whether its a flat roof or metal roof, an acrylic coating will be the beneficial addition you need to your home or business.

 When you ask what an acrylic coating is, a roofer will tell you directly it is not a paint, but a coating. Whereas a paint does not react well to ponding water and sunlight, an acrylic coating will resist both. While it depends on the thickness of the coating, the general lifespan of an acrylic coating is 10 years. Furthermore, a person can walk on the roof and not necessarily have to worry about a light hailstorm. While we always suggest getting a roof inspection after every hail storm, we also can apply an acrylic restoration onto your roof upon request. C & J Roofing LLC. in Chambersburg, PA can benefit you and your roof when you call. To make your appointment, reach us through 717-267-0059 today for our various appointments.

Is elastomeric roof coating good?

Acrylic roofing is highly beneficial to a home or business by lengthening the lifespan of the roof by around a decade. To put it another way, an acrylic coating preserves the roof from outside elements. Being environmentally safe due to the low VOC or volatile organic compound levels, a person need not worry about their health when a coating is applied to combat elements like sunlight. That is also the reason why most coatings are white, being designed down to the color to benefit a home or business roof. A person can also get a silicone restoration which could last longer than an elastomeric but is not necessarily as durable. Both in a modern sense have been designed to be more beneficial when considering the environment and the health of the occupant. While by all means, the roof coatings should not be breathed in when applied, the process is done in a way that grants home and business owners a focus on their health while giving an advantage to the structural integrity of the roof.

Can you paint over roof coating?

As mentioned, a silicone coating or an acrylic coating is not paint, it is far tougher and resilient comparatively. However, when thinking about a fresh coat of paint on your roof that has or will have an acrylic coat you can make it to where you are giving your home or business an even bigger advantage. While dark coatings of paint may appear nice, they often absorb more heat and can hinder both your roof as well as the roof coating. That said when you administer a lighter colored coat of paint onto your acrylic coat, you can see the lifespan of the roof increased even more so. This is because light colors work generally the same, a light color will divert the brunt of energy coming from sunlight and actually reflect much of it. So when comparing a dark-colored roof to a light one, the former is hotter and tends to make the interior hotter as well. Whereas the lighter colored roof helps in keeping the interior of the building cooler and refreshing. 

When you have a shingled roof, you will have much more difficulty getting the benefits of a roof coating because an acrylic coat cannot be applied to shingles. The simple truth to that is acrylic coatings are not appropriate for asphalt or most other shingles. Some will say that shingles do not have adequate external fire resistance while others will bring up the constitution of a shingled roof. However, ask your roofers about coats for a shingled roof and much of the time they will have an adequate fit. It just will not be acrylic. 

acrylic coating application

Does roof coating stop leaks?

In short, yes. An acrylic coating will both benefit your roof and actually stop small leaks from entering. The process works due to before the coating is applied, a roofer will clean the roof and examine it for any damages or spots of entry. In the next step the applied acrylic coating will benefit you by helping spots like: 

  • Openings
  • Flashing
  • Weaker spots
  • Dents 

Both elastomeric and acrylic coatings will provide an extra layer to your business or home atop your own roof. Whether it’s regularly applied throughout the lifespan of your roof or when it’s aged, you will benefit from getting an acrylic roof restoration applied to your roof. Call 717-267-0059 today for C & J Roofing LLC. in Chambersburg, PA to apply yours today. 

What is a Corrugated Metal Building?

Metal sheet for industrial building and construction

Learn More About Corrugated Metal

More and more roofing options are available for property owners that can provide an aesthetic appeal to a building. With corrugated metal, you’ll be able to apply a unique look to the roof that is sure to please. They come in various shapes and patterns, can be painted or coated over, and offer a strong material of protection that will last for decades. It’s crucial to contact your local roofing company to see what options are out there for you. A corrugated metal roof is an excellent addition to your property. Learn about general information surrounding it here. For all other questions, reach out to an expert roofer today.

What does corrugated metal look like?

Corrugated metal has wavy patterns that can come in several different choices, from linear to square-edged and more. Corrugation can be square, spherical waves, and more angular. Metal materials can range from steel, copper, iron, and protective implementations such as zinc. Colors can vary widely, and some consumers opt to keep the metal’s original color. Ultimately, size alterations help match the specifications of the roof. Finally, corrugated metal is very versatile as a roofing material choice.

What is the size of corrugated sheet metal?

The size of a corrugated metal sheet is typically in the standard lengths of 8′, 10′, and 12′ long. The typical material thickness will usually be 18, 20, 22, or 24 gauge.

Is corrugated metal expensive?

Corrugated metal is a roofing option that isn’t as expensive as others and is considered the least expensive metal roofing option. The price will ultimately depend on a variety of factors, such as specifications and materials.

What is corrugated metal used for?

Corrugated metal serves multiple purposes thanks to its durability. Both siding and roofing to commercial and agricultural buildings use corrugated metal. In general, metal roofing is an advantage over other materials as it protects the buildings from harsh elements and changing climate conditions from temperature changes to sun exposure. This type of metal can hold up well from impact and heavy rain and is naturally reflective over harsh UV rays and corrosion.

A view from above on the roof of the house. The roof of corrugated sheet. Roofing of metal profile wavy shape

How Corrugated Metal is Made

  • Manufacturers layout the carbon steel sheet.
  • They press the sheet with three-dimensional patterns.
    • Corrugation (angles, waves, squares)
  • Cold rolling gives a thicker and more potent product.
  • They shear off the sheet for the desired length..

How long will a corrugated metal roof last?

Corrugated metal roofing can last for 50 plus years as metal roofing is one of the more durable options of roofing materials out there. With a roof coating, you can protect metal materials even more due to their amplification of protective benefits. The enhanced protection will allow for a longer roof life without the risk of wear.

Does corrugated metal rust?

You can protect the corrugated metal from rust as most options come with corrosion-resistant coatings such as zinc.

Is corrugated metal waterproof?

Corrugated metal is already waterproof. However, it can have many different metal roof coatings applied to it to increase waterproof properties, keep it from forming rust, or reflect heat. Roofers typically use epoxy and ceramic coatings or zinc, but there are more options to choose from with new developments made for protection.

Can you paint corrugated metal?

Roofers can coat corrugated metal to add more protection to the material, or if added aesthetics are the goal, they can apply paint to implement color changes. It’s essential to properly clean corrugated metal before making any new applications to it. There is a range of coatings and color options with metal roofing, which comes with a wide range of choices.

What is the best way to paint a metal roof?

You can paint a corrugated metal roof with acrylic latex, whether it still has old paint or if it’s bare. Roofers use oil-based alkyd paint after the right galvanized metal primer. A topcoat is usually needed along with a good primer. The coat properly seals the paint while the primer allows for paint to adhere correctly.

Get In Touch With Your Local Roofing Company

If you’re looking to increase your roof’s attractive qualities while increasing protection, consider implementing corrugated metal roofing. A corrugated metal roof comes in a variety of designs, colors, and metal materials, so you’ll be able to find the style that best matches your preferences. Corrugated metal will protect your property from inclement weather, daily wear, as well as other impacts. Increase your roof’s durability and life today by contacting your local roofing company for more information about product specifications and additional pertinent info. 

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Are Security Doors Effective?

glass door of the office building

Learn More About Security Doors

Protection is an important feature to have for your property in order to safeguard from intruders and other complications. Installing security doors can be especially effective as they upgrade the barrier that will prevent entry from most entities. These doors are made of more durable materials and have features that can add extra protection from interference. There are many options out there that can match with the aesthetic of your property so it’s best to do research. Ultimately, it’s important to get into contact with a professional regarding your desires for security doors as they will be able to converse with you about your particular needs and particular features to be included. Until that time comes, here is some basic information regarding security doors that may be of use to you. See how security doors can be a viable option for you to increase property protection.

What is the purpose of a security door?

The overall purpose of security doors is to follow with its namesake and provide just that, security. It can refer to a large range of measures used to strengthen doors from lock picking, ram-raiding, breaching and crimes such as home invasions and burglary. With upgraded materials and features getting into a property will be more of a time-wasting and exposing obstacle that may prove too much of a risk.

What are the best security doors?

Generally, aluminum and metal alloy doors are weaker than stainless steel yet this can be fixed by having frames made wider in order to get the same kind of protection. Different designs and lock protection can add extra protection from the outer shell of the door as well so take that into consideration as well.

How much does it cost for a security door?

The cost of a security door can range from $1,500-$2,000 with the average being $1,700 for a 35” X80” solid fiberglass security entry door. Other materials, sizes, and features will change the cost that you will ultimately see.

What are security doors made of?

Security doors can be made of a range of materials from aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, or other metal alloys. 

What is the best entry door for security?

The best-used security doors are typically steel as they are the most economical and offer more strength in security. 

What is the difference between a screen door and a security door?

Security doors will feature frames and the door plane which are all solid in design. Although security doors will conceal what’s inside yet they can come with decorative fronts or patterns. With a screen door, you may see bars, woven wires, mesh or other patterns that have small openings that you can see through.

Do security screens really work?

Security screens are an option that can deter intruders and be cost-effective at that. Steel security screens are heavy-duty so they won’t be able to be pried open.

Outer Wooden Door With Inner Steel

How can I improve my front door security?

  • Upgrading Locks
  • Using Security Screens
  • Installing A Better Door
  • Protecting Lock Hardware
  • Lengthening Set Screws
  • Strengthening Glass Surfaces
  • Use Interior Securing Devices
  • Do Not Obscure Entryways
  • Monitor Your Door

How do I choose a security door?

It’s best to consider the pros and cons of materials, features, and shapes that will best fit with the specifications of your property when it comes to choosing security doors.

Are security doors worth it?

Getting a physical barrier from possible intruders will provide for a higher level of security. Security doors are worth it even beyond their ability to protect as they add an upgraded look to properties. Installation and costs might be a pain at first but they’ll last for years to come and be worth it in the end. With proper care, you can protect them from rusting with the weather if that’s an issue with certain materials.

Contact a Team of Professionals For Your Security Doors

Increase the durability and strength of your doors from a range of materials that can provide the barrier you need for the contents and occupants of your building. When it comes to property protection it’s best to take it seriously and get help from qualified professionals for your security door installation. You may also speak about the design elements and extra features like locks that can provide even more in-depth protection from possible breaches. Ultimately, any upgrade in protection for your property will yield great results in comparison to standard doors. Security doors will allow you to be at ease and take away from the worry that someone may breach your property. Heighten your security with security doors today and get in touch with qualified professionals to learn more about details and measurements.  Make a difference for the better with your building today.

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What Does Home Improvement Include?

Home improvement services

What Does Home Improvement Include?

Home improvement generally entails an addition or improvement to one’s property. It typically includes alterations, repairs, additions, modifications or improvements to the interior or exterior of the home. Home improvements could be in the form of improvements to driveways, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, patios, awnings, storm windows, landscaping, fences, porches, garages and more. When considering home improvements, it is also important to consider the current state of your roof. If you require roof installation, please be sure to contact several different roofing companies in your area to determine your best possible options.

What Falls Under Home Improvement?

There are many portions of the home that fall under home improvement. As previously mentioned, the interior and exterior of the home fall under the home improvement category. For the exterior of the home, masonry, concrete, siding, roofing is included in the overall schema. For the interior, upgrades to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems could be involved. Luxuries such as adding gourmet features to the kitchen would also be considered home improvements. Home improvement is a broad category where many features of the home are involved.

What is a Home Improvement Contractor?

A home improvement contractor generally has expertise in home improvement services. A general contractor who specializes in residential applications will enact and oversee large remodeling projects. A home improvement contractor, by contrast, will focus on smaller more specific applications such as installing new windows, new flooring, siding, landscaping, and more.

What Constitutes a Renovation?

A renovation will generally entail that a homeowner is updating part of their existing structure with cosmetic changes. By contrast, a remodel is a far more serious process. In a remodel, the structure of the home will be changed through the process of demolition and construction. Renovation is loosely defined as restoring something to a good state of repair. This means that a renovation will improve the condition of an existing structure. A remodel will utterly transform a space into a new kind of space versus updating it.

What are the Types of Renovation?

There are apparently four different types of renovations. There are the basics, which involves fixing roof leaks, plumbing problems, and making sure that the gutters and downspouts are operable. The second type of renovation involves curb appeal. Curb appeal makes the property or home look better to neighbors and prospective buyers. The third type of home renovation adds value to the home. Examples of increased home value include new siding, kitchen renovation, and new windows. The fourth type of home renovation is based upon personal preference. Personal preference amenities include a swimming pool installation or a tennis court or a hot tub. None of these personal preference renovations necessarily improve the value of the home, but they do increase the personal enjoyment of the homeowner.

Home Improvement Services Near Me

If you are looking for a reputable source for your home improvement services, a recommendation from a friend or neighbor always provides assistance. A friend or neighbor will be able to refer you to a local company that has done good work for them. It’s always important to have lots of options, which is why conducting a good internet search will provide more relevant answers. It is always good to select a company that has many reputable resources and many good recommendations.

Home Improvement Services for Contractors

Choosing a home improvement contractor can be an easy, effortless process provided that you do your homework. Your home is your most important investment, which is why it is important for you to carefully select your contractor. Principally, your contractor will have a connection with you and your vision for your project. The next thing that you should be aware of is that the price of the project should reflect the quality of the project. Please be sure to review the materials, ask questions, and discuss the overall price tag at separate junctures. Finally, it is also important for you to review your contractor’s credentials. Nothing is more important than for you to invest your money wisely.

Home Improvement Services List

There are a number of different home improvement services that you should consider to increase the efficiency and curb appeal of your home. Please read through the following list to learn more.

  • HVAC replacement and installation.
  • Window replacement.
  • Vinyl siding installation.
  • Remodeling for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • A new garage door installation or replacement.
  • A new siding replacement.
  • Roof replacement.
Home improvement services are important for your home.

Home Improvement Services Roofing

There are many different contractors that specialize in roofing solutions. In order to contact a roofing company that will be able to service all of your roofing needs, please be sure to do a little research concerning what you are looking for. For instance, if you would like a metal roof replacement, it will be necessary to contact a roofing company that specializes in metal roof installations. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be a company or a contractor who can help.

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Do I Need Siding on My House?

working on siding repair

Getting Ready for Winter

As the weather starts to cool down, so begins your to-do list to get your home ready for the temperature change. One area you don’t want to forget about is the siding on your home. It will likely have gone through a beating throughout the year making it potentially damaged and worn-out. When that happens, it is less effective at protecting your home and even providing basic insulation. If you are interested in siding repair in Chambersburg, PA, connect with C & J Roofing LLC.. We can help you with any siding or home improvement need. Call us at 717-267-0059 to get started. 

siding repair

Is it Worth Siding Your House?

According to several home reports, a simple siding replacement service can increase your property value almost 80-percent. You will be almost guaranteed a property value increase as well as a curb appeal increase. So what is the siding repair process if you don’t need to replace everything? Repairing any siding on your home involves a few things. It all starts by finding the damaged areas. Once it has been identified, your contractor needs to determine if the siding can be repaired or if it needs to be completely replaced. If it can be repaired, they will likely cut out the damaged area with a knife. Then they will install new pieces of siding in the holes, loosely of course, to accommodate for expansion and contraction. 

While you can wait a few years, a time when to repair siding specifically would be after damage. Storms can blow through, knocking things or dropping hail which can result in serious amounts of damage. Or you may experience a roof leak, which can cause a significant amount of damage as well. Whatever the case may be, you want to repair or replace your siding as soon as you are aware of any damage. Doing so will prevent any further damage from occurring and help your home maintain it’s clean appearance. 

Benefits of Siding Repair and Installation

Many homeowners want to know, can you repair siding if something happens? You definitely can repair the siding on your home. Options like vinyl will last you about 5-6 years, but it needs to be replaced immediately if damage happens. For example, if you have to get burst pipe repair in Pottstown, PA and the water damage affects your siding, you’ll need to repair it quickly. There are actually several advantages to regular repairs and maintenance. 

  • Curb Appeal: You not only have to live in your home, but others have to look at it. When the siding becomes damaged or starts to wear-in, it can leave a lot to be desired. Just by going through with siding repair or replacement service can significantly increase your curb appeal. 
  • Repair Structural Damage: When repairing the siding on your home, you will also be able to easily repair any structural damage as well. This is incredibly important as the siding is meant to protect the structure of your property. 
  • Energy-Efficiency: Believe it or not, but updating the siding on your home can help with your home’s energy efficiency. There will be better or increased insulation, which can help your HVAC system regulate temperatures. 
  • Property Value: While maintained siding can make your home look good, it can also help increase your property value. The better a home looks, the better it will potentially sell for. So, taking the time to care for the exterior of your home can provide many returns for you.

Whether you’ve got home improvement projects or you just want to maintain your home, repairing the siding is a great place to start. As mentioned, you’ll have an improved appearance and increased property value. Though it’s not the most inexpensive choice, it is a great way to improve your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to fix siding on a house?
    • You should budget for about $400 to $600 in total for siding repairs. Keep in mind, though, those costs can increase because of other costs. Things like labor fees, removal costs, restoration costs, and more can result in an increase to the overall total. 
  • Can siding be repaired?
    • It absolutely can! Most homes come with vinyl siding as the standard. Vinyl can easily be repaired, either in sections or completely replaced. Other siding options may require a bit more work, but repairing siding is not as difficult as you may think.
  • When should you replace siding?
    • The siding on your home will go through quite a bit over time. A good rule of thumb to stick by is to consider replacing the siding every 5-6 years. All siding should be replaced as soon as you notice damage, otherwise, it can wait every couple of years. 
  • What is the best siding for a house?
    • Probably the best siding choice for a home is stucco. It is resilient, durable, dependable, and when done correctly, looks great for a long time. Homeowners that can’t afford stucco have alternatives that are just as good for a fraction of the cost.
installing new panels for siding repair

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