Can I Extend My House?

Whether adding on or building up, home additions give you more space.

Is it cheaper to add on or build up?

Are you thinking of a remodeling project for your residence? A home addition or build up may be the right choice for you. People need to add on to their homes for a variety of reasons.

Here are some reasons to get a home addition:

  • More space: Whether your family is getting larger or you just want more room for your stuff, an addition gives you more space.
  • Increased home value: Extra space can add value to your home.
  • To modernize: Especially nice for older homes to make them feel less cramped and more open.
  • Extra income: With that additional space, you can make extra income by renting it out.

If you have a one-story home, instead of adding on you may want to build up and add an extra story. Building up is often considered a cheaper route than adding on, but that’s not always the case.

Ultimately, a few things will determine whether adding on or building up is cheaper. You’ll want to figure out the space you need. Do you just want an extra room for entertaining or recreation? Then an add-on might be the least expensive route. On the other hand, if your family is getting bigger, a new story might provide you the perfect space.

Besides knowing what your additional space will be used for, you’ll also have to figure out what fits for the size of your property. You not have the space for an extension, unless you do build up, or your house might not be designed for an extra story.

Finally, you’ll  have to make sure what your town allows for zoning when it comes to additions. You may be limited by city ordinance in building either up or out.

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Whether you add on or build up your residential plumbing system will probably need to be adjusted as well and local plumbers will need to be consulted to get the job done right.

How much does it cost to extend a house?

As with any home improvement project, costs will vary, but the national average cost of a home extension is $43,475. The costs will vary depending on the type of extension, the contractor you hire and all associated costs such as zoning permits.

How much square footage can I add to my house

Whether you are building up or out, several variables will determine how much square footage you can add to your home. Much of it, as outlined above, will depend on the size of your property and whether your home can handle the addition. You’ll also have to check with your city’s planning and zoning board to see if there are any ordinances limiting the square footage of your home. You may also have to check with homeowners associations or even historical commissions to see how you can change your property to fit their standards.

If you have limits, there are options to additions, including renovating existing space. Attics and garages are ideal for renovation projects that may take up little or no additional space on your property.

Can you add onto a manufactured home?

The simple answer is “Yes.” You can add onto a manufactured home. But, typically it’s not recommended as a DIY project. Because of safety issues and regulations, you probably want to hire a contractor for an addition to a manufactured home.

Safety is an issue, especially when making sure your manufactured home can support the addition. Some additions like carports or porches might need to be built to structurally support itself. You’ll also be subject to local building codes in the same way other homeowners are.

What size extension can you build without planning permission?

Almost all building will require some sort of planning permission. In the U.S. almost all regulations are set by county and city ordinances and will vary by each. In sparsely populated areas you may have fewer regulations than in a densely populated area.

Your best bet is to check with your city or county zoning board as well as homeowners associations and other groups to see what permits you need. Even in cases where there are few or no ordinances in place, you may have to apply for exemptions.

Home additions require a lot of planning and design.

How to design home addition

When designing a home addition, you need to factor in everything from cost of materials and labor to building codes, as well as plumbing, heating and cooling. You’ll also need to check with your insurance company to see if your extension is covered in your policy. Other practical considerations include soil conditions, trees, a history of flooding and any rights of way problems that may arise.

Following up, you will need a contractor and probably an architect to plan out the design. A designer or draftsman may be needed to submit drawings to your city or county for permits to be approved. A structural engineer can determine if your design is safe and if it will work.

Home addition with basement

One option you might have available for a home addition is adding a basement space. Building down like that may require you to replace your old foundation or relocate your plumbing or heating and cooling system. If the basement is going to be made into a living space, you will need to add windows as well.

If you have a basement already, renovating it may prove a less costly alternative to a home addition.

Home addition and remodel

For the most part, a home addition is a remodel. Not only will your be adding space to your home, you’ll have to make changes to the existing structure so the addition fits with the design of the rest of the home.

Home addition budget

A home addition needs to be carefully budgeted. To determine your budget, you will have to know the size of your project and what costs it will entail. You will have to figure in contractors, architects and engineers, as well as permits.

You will also have to decide where you want to purchase materials. To save money, you may want to purchase materials from a bulk warehouse or home improvement store.

Instead of starting from scratch, you might consider a prefabricated addition. You can also save by determining the available tax credits. And when hiring contractors, get at least three bids.

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