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{When you {want|need} {quality|top notch} {roof|roofing} or {remodeling|redesigning} {service|services} in [city], [state], C & J Roofing is the {perfect|right} {business|company} for {your|the} job.|C & J Roofing is the {business|company} you can {count on|turn to} when you {want|need} {roof|roofing} or {redesign|remodeling} {service|services} in [city], [state].|For the {highest quality|best} {roof|roofing} or {redesign|remodeling} {service|services} in [city], [state], {ask for|turn to} C & J Roofing!|If you’re {looking|searching} for the {highest quality|best} {roof|roofing} or {redesigning|remodeling} {service|services}, C & J Roofing is the {first choice|most skilled} {provider|roofer} in [city], [state]!} {We have been in the {roof|roofing} business since 1994. {That is|That’s} over {two decades|20 years} of {service to|servicing} the [city] community and surrounding {area|areas}!|{Founded in|Started in|In business since} 1994, we have over {two decades|20 years} of professional experience {servicing|serving} the {local|wonderful} [city] {communities|community}!|We have {provided|been providing} {quality|affordable} {roofing|roof} services to the {local|great|wonderful} [city] since 1994, over {20 years|two decades}!.|{Since|After} {our founding|starting} in 1994, we have proudly {provided service to|serviced} the [city] area’s {roof|roofing} and remodeling needs for over {two decades|20 years}.} {{We provide|Our company provides} {home|residential} and commercial {roofing|roof} repair, roof replacement, and roof installation services, {including|along with} {many|various} home {redesigning|remodeling} services!|Our {service includes|services include} repair, replacement, and installment for {home|residential} or {business|commercial} roofs, and we {provide|offer} remodeling {service|services}.|We {are happy to|can} assist you with {business|commercial} and {home|residential} {roof|roofing} services, such as repair and replacement, {as well as|not to mention} other {house|home} renovations!|We {are specialists|specialize} in {home|residential} and {business|commercial} {roofing|roof} services, and we {additionally|also} provide assistance in remodeling and {house|home} additions!} {We began as one {guy|man} and {his|a} {tiny|little} pickup truck, and though {his|this} company grows larger each year, we {stand by|hold on to} our small {company|business} determination.|Originally just a {man|guy} and his {pickup truck|truck}, this {business|company} {grows|has grown} larger, but {keeps|doesn’t forget} the small business {determination|mentality}.|{A solitary|One} {guy|man} and his {pickup|truck} {founded|started} this {business|company} from the ground up, and {though|while} the company {continues to grow|grows} larger, we {carry on|maintain} the determination of a small {company|business}.|We were {started|founded} by {a solitary|one} {guy|man} and his pickup truck, {driven|fueled} by {his|a} {commitment|willingness} to work hard, and though {this|our} {company|business} has {continued to grow|grown} significantly since {those days|then}, we {continue to|still} operate with the determination of a small {business|company}.}  

Our Services Include:

  • Residential Roofing We can repair the roofing structure, fix up old shingles and more on the roof of your home
  • Commercial Roofing Whether you need a new roof membrane or metal roofing for your building, we’ve got you covered
  • Roof Restoration Restore your roof to its former glory with our expert roof restoration services
  • Home Improvement We offer many home improvements services including gutter repairs, siding, and more
  • Security Doors Keep your home safe and secure with a GibraltDoor

{We work efficiently and {effectively|accurately} to {be sure|ensure} we respect {our customer’s|your} time, and still provide {top|quality|the best} {services|service}.|{Our goal is|We aim} to {consistently|continuously} provide {proper|accurate}, {top notch|quality} work, and to always {deliver|provide} the {greatest|best} service to our {customers|clients}.|Our {teams works|teams work} with accuracy and precision to {provide|produce} {excellent|quality} {service|work} and satisfied {clients|customers}.|When it comes to service, our {teams|crews} {dedicate themselves|are dedicated} to providing {quality|accurate} and {fast|speedy} results for our customers.}

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair

{{Specialists|A specialist} in all things {roof related|roofing}, this company was {started by|founded by} a {guy|man} that {is passionate about|loves} {roofing|roof} services.|{Started|Founded} by a {guy|man} with a passion for {roof services|roofing}, this company specializes in {everything|all things} roofing.|This company specializes in {roof|services|roofing} because this company was {founded|started} by a {guy|man} {that|who} is passionate about {roof services|roofing}.|This {business|company} was {started|founded} by a {guy|man} with {passion|a passion} for {roof services|roofing}, and his passion {is displayed|shows} in our {work|services}.} {Our {founder|owner} {started in|jumped into} the {roof|roofing} business as a {teen|teenager}, and he has only {improved|gotten better} {through|over} the {decades|years}, passing on to his {team|crew|employees} a work ethic {rarely|not often} seen in {these modern times|this day and age}.|Jimmy {began|started} roofing as a {teen|teenager}, and {he has|has} been {practicing|working} and {improving|progressing} in {this|the} business {since then|ever since}, {handing down|passing} his {impressive|outstanding} work ethic on to his {team|crew|employees}.|{Getting started|Starting out} in the {roof services|roofing} business as a {teen|teenager}, Jimmy has been {specializing|progressing} in the {roof|roofing} business ever since, and {trains|has trained} his {pro|professional} roofers with a work ethic bred from years of hard work.|{Invested in|Passionate about} roofing since his roofer training {as a teen|in his teenage years}, Jimmy has built {his|this} {business|company} and {trained|educated} his professional {teams|roofers} with hard work and {impressive|quality} results.} {{This|Our} {business|company} {continues|strives} to {deliver|provide} the {greatest|most reliable|best} customer service {around|available} in [city].|Our {business’|company’s} {primary|#1|number one} {objective|goal} is to {deliver|provide} excellent customer service to [city].|At {our|this} company, we are {committed|dedicated} to {delivering|providing} unbeatable {services|service} to our [city] {customers|clients}.|Our {pro|professional} roofers’ {number one|primary} {goal|objective} is to {deliver|provide} better customer service than {every|any} other roofing provider in [city].} {That’s why {our roofers|we} at C & J Roofing treat {each|every} {client|customer} like a potential lifelong {client|customer}, {each|every} time.|That’s why at C & J Roofing, {our roofers|we} {consistently|always} treat {each|all} of our {clients|customers} like lifelong {customers|clients}.|To achieve {this|our} {objective|goal}, {our roofers|we} at C & J Roofing aim to treat {every client|everyone} like a potential lifelong {client|customer}.|We aim to treat {each|every} {client|customer} we serve {here at|at} C & J Roofing like a lifelong {client|customer}, every time.} {{Count on|You can count on|Depend on} {this|our} {homegrown|local} {roof|roofing} {business|company} to treat you and your {investments|investment} {properly|right}.|Your {house|home} is your {biggest|greatest} {asset|investment}, and this local {business|company} is {committed|dedicated} to protecting your {investments|investment}.|As a local {business|company}, you can {rely|depend|count} on {our roofers|us} to protect your {investments|investment} with quality work.|With {our|this} local {business|company}, you {will|can} rest assured knowing we will {deliver|provide} {reliable|quality} {services|work} to protect your {house|home} {investments|investment}.}  {We {deliver|provide} {reliable|quality} {roof|roofing} {service|services} at affordable {costs|prices}.|We are {committed|dedicated} to {delivering|providing} affordable {costs|prices} and {reliable|quality} work on your roof and {house|home}.|We {strive|aim} to {deliver|provide} quality home {service|services} with {cost|pricing} options for {any|every} budget.|We {always|consistently} {provide|deliver} {reliable|quality} {service|work} you {adore|love} at {costs|prices} you can afford.} {{Furthermore|Beyond that}, we {refuse to|never} {take shortcuts|cut corners} and we {refuse to|never} waste {any time|time}.|{Additionally|Furthermore}, you can {rely|depend|count} on {our company|us} to do the {work|job} {properly|right}, in {the|a} minimal {timespan|amount of time}.|{Our company does|We do} the {work|job} {properly|correctly}, no {cut corners|shortcuts}, and we don’t waste {any|your} time.|{And above all|To top it off}, we do {roofing|things} the {correct|right} way, not the easy way, and we do it {quickly|fast}.}

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Services

  • Hail Damage Repairs Has your roof suffered damage in a recent storm? Contact us today for reliable repair services
  • Insurance Claims Assistance We’ll help you document and file home insurance claims for hail damage to your roof.
  • Roof Repair Whether you are dealing with a leak, dents, or torn shingles we can fix your roof fast
  • Roof Replacement If you have an aging roof, we can do a tear-off and replace the roof to get it in great shape again
  • Shingle Roofing Need your roof re-shingled? Contact us for quality shingle repairs and installation

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Services

  • Corrugated Metal Roof Looking to install a metal roof on your business? Contact us for expert installation
  • EPDM EPDM is a top quality, flat roof membrane recommended for commercial buildings
  • Rubber Roofing We offer repairs and installation services for many rubber roofing materials
  • Single Ply Rubber Roofing We install and repair single ply rubber roofing for flat roof structures
  • TPO Roofing If you’re looking for a durable roofing material, we service and install TPO roofing membrane

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Services

  • Roof Coatings Protect your roof with a durable roof coating from C&J Roofing
  • Acrylic Coating Acrylic is a water-based coating applied to roof membranes for extra protection
  • Silicone Coating Silicone is a water resistant roof coating to protect against leaks and ponding water
  • Polyurea Coating Polyurea can adhere to many types of roof materials including metal and fiberglass
  • Flat Roof Restoration Our roof experts can repair and restore your flat roof to ensure it is protected against leaks
  • Metal Roof Restoration We can restore your metal roof to remove storm damage, wear and tear, and more

Home Remodeling

{{Are you looking to|Do you want to} {increase|add} {value|market price} and {aesthetics|curb appeal} to your {house|home} in [city], [state]?|Are you {prepared|ready} to {up|increase} the curb appeal and {market price|value} of your {house|home}?|Is your {house|home} {prepared|ready} for {added|increased} {market price|value} and {increased|added} curb appeal?|Are you {thinking about|interested in} {adding to|increasing} your {house’s|home’s} {market price|value} and {aesthetics|curb appeal}.} {Consider {including|adding} a new addition to your {house|home}, or {restoring|replacing} {aged|old} or {dilapidated|dated} siding.|It {could|may} be time to add {something new|a new look} to your {house’s|home’s} {outside|exterior}, or update your siding!|We suggest {any|one} of our {house|home} additions or siding {services|options} to refresh your {house’s|home’s} look.|It {could|may} be time to {think about|consider} siding {restoration|replacement}, or a {modern|new} addition!} {Our {restoration|remodeling} {pros|professionals} {will|can} assist you in your {house|home} improvement goals, including adding {patios|a patio} or {carports|carport}.|The {restoration|remodeling} {pros|professionals} at C & J Roofing {will|can} help you achieve your {house|home} improvement goals, {such as|even} adding a patio or carport!|Speak {with|to} one of our {restoration|remodeling} {professionals|specialists} about {creating|adding} a patio or carport.|If you’re {considering|interested in} {including|adding} a carport or patio, our remodeling pros {will|can} {assist|help} you with that!} {If you {crave|desire} a backyard {relaxing area|hideaway}, we {create|build} {gorgeous|beautiful} decks that {will|can} transform your {yard|backyard}.|If a deck is what {you might be|you’re} looking for, our {pros|guys} {will|can} build your backyard hangout {area|spot}.|If your {yard|backyard} is the place {you want to be|to be}, perhaps a {functional|modern} new deck {can|will} {be exactly what you need!|fit your needs!}|If you {are looking to|want to} {redesign|transform} your {yard|backyard} into a {perfect|great} place to entertain, we can {add|install} a deck you’ll be sure to love.} {We {are also able to|can also} add a {gazebo|garage}, carport, {shed|sunroom} or screenroom to your {house|home}.|We can {also|even} add full size garages, {stable|sturdy} carports and {breezy|inviting} sunrooms!|And {when|if} you’re {looking for|interested in} garages, sunrooms and more, C & J Roofing {is|has} the {greatest|best|#1} service for {those|that}, too!|And for {any|your} garage, sunroom and carport {requirements|needs}, C & J Roofing is {the company you can count on|here} to {assist you|help}!}

Security Doors

{Like {all homeowners|every homeowner}, you {are concerned about|value} the safety of your {house|home} and the {persons|people} {within|inside of it}.|If {you are|you’re} {similar to|like} {many|most} homeowners, you {might worry|worry} about your {house|home} and family’s {security|safety}.|You {likely|probably} worry about your {house’s|home’s} {security|safety}, like {all homeowners|every homeowner}.|Do you {have worries|worry} about the level of {security|safety} your {house|home} {is providing|provides}?} {Do you {actually want|want} to make your {house|home} even {more secure|safer} this {coming year|year}?|Are you {looking into|interested in} {skyrocketing|increasing} your {house|home} {safety|security} level?|Are you {searching|looking} for ways to {add to|increase} the {safety|security} of your {house|home}?|Have you {ever wondered|wondered} about {different|some} ways to make your {house|home} {a safer place to live|safer}?} {Let C & J Roofing {add|install} a GibraltDoor security door in your {house|home}, and {reinforce|restore} your peace of mind.|Hire C & J Roofing to {reinforce|provide} your {house|home} with a GibraltDoor in your {house|home}, and experience the {ease|feeling} of a secure {house|home}.|If {you are|you’re} {prepared|ready} to experience the {feeling|comfort} of a {seriously|truly} secure {house|home}, have C & J Roofing install a GibraltDoor in your {house|home}.|{Allow|Let} C & J Roofing put your {worries|mind} at ease with {an impenetrable|a safe} and secure GibraltDoor.} {The GibraltDoor is a top {notch|quality} steel door that {delivers|provides} {many|several} different levels of protection, all of which are {far|immensely} greater than that of a {typical|standard} {entry|front} door.|A top {notch|quality} steel door, the GibraltDoor {delivers|provides} levels of {security|protections} from 4 point locking to 10 point locking, {far|immensely} out ranking a {typical|standard} front door.|{Fortified|Reinforced} with locking {mechanisms|systems} from 4 points to 10 points, the GibraltDoor is a top {notch|quality} steel door that puts a {typical|standard} front {entry|door} to shame.|Top {notch|quality} steel and a multipoint l{lock|locking} {mechanism|system} puts the GibraltDoors {far|head and shoulders} above the {typical|standard} front {entry|door} when it comes to {security|safety}.} {{Furthermore|Additionally}, a GibraltDoor is available in {several|many} {choices|options}, so you are sure to find the style that {will add|adds} the {greatest|most} curb appeal to your home.|To  {raise the bar|sweeten the deal}, GibraltDoors are available in {several|various} styles and colors, so you {don’t|won’t} have to {lose|sacrifice} curb appeal for {security|safety}.| If {you are|you’re} {concerned|worried} about your curb appeal, GibraltDoors {come in|are available in} {several|many} great {varieties|variations}, to ensure that your home is {safe|secure} AND beautiful.|{Furthermore|Additionally}, the GibraltDoors won’t {force you to|make} you {lose|sacrifice} style for {safety|security}, as they are available in {a variety of|many} colors and styles.}