EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing Repair EPDM (Ethlyene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is an extremely durable, synthetic rubber membrane used for buildings with flat roof structures. With C&J Roofing, EPDM roofing is the number one choice in roofing for new commercial offices, restaurants, schools for both a roof re-roof or replacement.

If you are moving into a new commercial space and are interested in learning more about EPDM roofing services, contact us today at 717-267-0059 for our EPDM roofing services in Chambersburg, PA.

EPDM is similar to TPO, another popular roofing membrane, because they are both constructed membrane materials that are single-ply and lightweight. Both are installed with adhesives and/or mechanical fasteners. This type of roofing has gained industry-wide acceptance and respect by providing long-lasting, guaranteed immediate solutions to long-term roofing solutions.

When Selecting EPDM Roofing, Consider The Following:

  • Weather conditions (such as hail damage)
  • It is one of the most cost-effective membranes on the market
  • Ballasted, attached, or adhered – the lifespan of each of these is different
  • Warranties extend up to 40 years

An EPDM roofing has been proven to provide outstanding, long-lasting performance in reducing environmental impact. Combine it with the reputation to withstand some extreme weather conditions and potential for recycling after its lifespan and it’s clear that it is the right choice for commercial roofs.

Does your commercial property have a leaky roof? Are your shingles in your building starting to crack from damage over-time? Let C&J Roofing get your roof system set up and back to working conditions, designed to withstand water damage that will not affect the EPDM membrane that can cause fast-aging and early, unnecessary repair.

Professional EPDM Installation And Roofing Repair Services

Commercial roofs require proper installation and care as to ensure “water ponding” does not occur. This issue is caused by water that does not drain off the roof and leaves pools of water that can cause premature aging and cause serious damages that need additional repairs The expert team at C&J Roofing do not cut corners when it comes to your roof, and we work carefully to make sure your EPDM roof is installed properly, contact us today at 717-267-0059 for EPDM roofing in Chambersburg, PA.