Rubber Roofing

rubber roof C&J roofingTo help reduce leaks and create a more impenetrable seal for commercial buildings, the roofing industry has created rubber roof. A single-ply synthetic rubber roofing installation is ideal for those whose traditional flat roofing begins to fail, either from water damage or wear and tear from aging.

A rubber roof is waterproof, making it a great material for keeping water away and out from your commercial building structure. It is made out of the same materials of EPDM roofing, which make it recyclable even after their lifespan, and is environmentally friendly. Modern rubber roofing manufacturing allows the roof to insulate the home, trapping heat to reduce energy bills in the winter months without fear of cracking under extreme cold outside.

If you’re looking for a new roof to protect your commercial building, take a look into our rubber roofing services. Contact us today at 717-267-0059 for our rubber roofing service experts in the Chambersburg, PA area to learn more.

Rubber roofing installation is among the most popular in commercial roofing since it is cheaper and longer-lasting. Much like EPDM roofing, it is not susceptible to UV rays, and when properly installed can last up to 50 years. It can withstand high winds, fire, and damage from large hail.

With C&J Roofing, whether you are looking to replace a roof or are scheduling maintenance, consider the advantages of a rubber roof installation:

  • Business-friendly installation (quiet and efficient)
  • Easy to replace and repair if needed
  • Variety of thickness available (ranging between 45mm to 90mm)
  • Easy to paint over with acrylic, silicone and polyurea paint services – for appearance and prolonged lifespan
  • Can be cut into strips to resemble shingles

Trust In Professional Roofing Repair Experts

While easy to install, trusting an expert for installation could save you time and money in repairs down the road. We will work quickly and thoroughly to ensure your rubber roofing is in top shape with little to no disturbance to your workplace.

To ensure your business does not suffer damage from weather or wear-and-tear overtime, C&J Roofing has the experts you need. Contact us today at 717-267-0059 for your rubber roof in Chambersburg, PA to learn more.