Single Ply Rubber Roof

C&J Single Ply Rubber RoofWhen installing a commercial roof, our roofing experts will recommend a “single ply” roofing system for your office. Single-ply roofs are flexible sheets of synthetic materials that are manufactured to outlast and exceed typical rubber roof expectations. Single ply rubber roof systems provides strength, flexibility and long-lasting durability for the commercial space it’s installed for, much like its counterpart EPDM roofing.

There are several advantages in single ply rubber roofs, such as the consistency of the quality of the products throughout and the ease in their attachment/installation methods (ballasted, attached or adhered). The popularity of this type of rubber roofing has seen an exponential rise due to their extreme flexibility in commercial uses and for their competitive prices.

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Single ply is also environmentally sound as well: a typically light-colored, reflective cool surface can offer a reduction in a commercial buildings energy cost over time. They are designed to be installed in one layer, and are resistant to UV radiation like their EPDM counterparts. Additionally, they are naturally weather and water resistant, fairing well through damaging storms and extreme weather changes.

Single ply can be categorized into two groups: thermosets and thermoplastics:

  • Thermosets: adhesive-based single ply rubber roofs.
  • Thermoplastics: can be hot-air welded together to form “laps” on the roof.

Looking to utilize a more environmentally-sound, cost-efficient material when it comes to your commercial roof? Single ply rubber roofs from C&J Roofing are a great choice when looking to re-roof, restore, or repair your commercial space. It’s ideal for those in smaller office settings, but those who work in a large commercial office can reap the benefits of a single ply rubber roof as well.

Protect Your Space With A Single Ply Rubber Roof

The cost of repairs overtime can add up. To protect your business from water damage caused from weather and regular wear-and-tear overtime, C&J Roofing has the experts you need! Contact us today at 717-267-0059 to know more about single ply rubber roofs in Chambersburg, PA.