TPO Roofing

TPO-Roof-from-CJ-RoofingThermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply roofing membrane that is touted in the roofing industry to have benefits similar to both of its competitors, EPDM roofing and PVC roofing, but without the setbacks and extra costs associated with. This means that this roof is resistant to not only UV radiation, but ozone and chemical exposure, and is also heat weldable during installation.

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The benefits of TPO roofing is found in its three layers of the membrane:

  • Polymer base
  • Reinforced fabric center (scrim)
  • Thermoplastic compounded top ply

TPO roofing offers the same benefits as its counterparts such as hot-air weldable seams, but at a cheaper cost, making it more appealing to commercial roofers who are looking at their current roofing structure that is starting to fall apart, or who are behind on repairs.

Many business owners appreciate that TPO is manufactured to look great on a variety of buildings – it is available in white, grey and black (all reflective) color options. The installation process is also ideal for businesses who are undergoing a roof repair or roof restoration as it comes in wider sheets that are very lightweight, meaning there are less seams that need to be sealed and less time spent worrying about your roof.

Without a proper acrylic, silicone or polyurea coating, the TPO membrane could start to chalk overtime. The roofing service professionals at C&J Roofing will recommend the right coating to make your roof last as long as possible. With proper maintenance and service from our insured, quality roofing experts, you will be able to expand and keep your new commercial roof up-to-par for as long as possible.

If You’re Looking For A New Roofing Solution, Take A Look At TPO Roofing

For commercial businesses looking for something long-lasting, new and durable, TPO roofing has proven itself to be sustainable and durable just like its older counterparts. Contact us today at 717-267-0059 to learn more about how you can benefit from a TPO roof in the Chambersburg, PA area.