Signs of Storm Roof Damage

Storm Roof Damage

Displaced or Missing Shingles Are an Obvious Signs of Storm Roof Damage.

Aside from old age, storms represent the biggest threat to most roof systems. After a storm afflicts your area, you’ll want to know when to call for the services of a roofer. Some common types of storm roof damage can alert you to the need for repairs, so pay attention for the following signs.

Missing Shingles

You will clearly need repairs for storm roof damage if you notice missing shingles. Strong winds and airborne debris can combine to rip shingles off your roof. This can leave your roof broadly vulnerable to leaks. If you neglect to repair this problem, the next storm will afflict your home with expensive water damage.

Damaged Shingles

Storms can damage shingles in a couple different ways. High winds can bend and crease shingles, and also send debris to scrape and scatter across your roofing. Hail represents a serious threat, and can broadly damage shingles if large enough. Hail damage typically appears like blackened spots on shingles. If the hail damages secondary layers, you may notice softened areas.

Lost Granules

Roofing shingles have their granular coating to protect against the effects of sunshine and impact damage. Over time, shingles will lose some granules naturally. Storms can cause them to lose even more, especially when the shingles themselves have grown old. High winds and debris will combine to rake your shingles and rob them of their protective granules. The place to check for this damage is actually your gutters, which is where lost granules most often appear.

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