Do I Need Siding on My House?

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Getting Ready for Winter

As the weather starts to cool down, so begins your to-do list to get your home ready for the temperature change. One area you don’t want to forget about is the siding on your home. It will likely have gone through a beating throughout the year making it potentially damaged and worn-out. When that happens, it is less effective at protecting your home and even providing basic insulation. If you are interested in siding repair in Chambersburg, PA, connect with C & J Roofing LLC.. We can help you with any siding or home improvement need. Call us at 717-267-0059 to get started. 

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Is it Worth Siding Your House?

According to several home reports, a simple siding replacement service can increase your property value almost 80-percent. You will be almost guaranteed a property value increase as well as a curb appeal increase. So what is the siding repair process if you don’t need to replace everything? Repairing any siding on your home involves a few things. It all starts by finding the damaged areas. Once it has been identified, your contractor needs to determine if the siding can be repaired or if it needs to be completely replaced. If it can be repaired, they will likely cut out the damaged area with a knife. Then they will install new pieces of siding in the holes, loosely of course, to accommodate for expansion and contraction. 

While you can wait a few years, a time when to repair siding specifically would be after damage. Storms can blow through, knocking things or dropping hail which can result in serious amounts of damage. Or you may experience a roof leak, which can cause a significant amount of damage as well. Whatever the case may be, you want to repair or replace your siding as soon as you are aware of any damage. Doing so will prevent any further damage from occurring and help your home maintain it’s clean appearance. 

Benefits of Siding Repair and Installation

Many homeowners want to know, can you repair siding if something happens? You definitely can repair the siding on your home. Options like vinyl will last you about 5-6 years, but it needs to be replaced immediately if damage happens. For example, if you have to get burst pipe repair in Pottstown, PA and the water damage affects your siding, you’ll need to repair it quickly. There are actually several advantages to regular repairs and maintenance. 

  • Curb Appeal: You not only have to live in your home, but others have to look at it. When the siding becomes damaged or starts to wear-in, it can leave a lot to be desired. Just by going through with siding repair or replacement service can significantly increase your curb appeal. 
  • Repair Structural Damage: When repairing the siding on your home, you will also be able to easily repair any structural damage as well. This is incredibly important as the siding is meant to protect the structure of your property. 
  • Energy-Efficiency: Believe it or not, but updating the siding on your home can help with your home’s energy efficiency. There will be better or increased insulation, which can help your HVAC system regulate temperatures. 
  • Property Value: While maintained siding can make your home look good, it can also help increase your property value. The better a home looks, the better it will potentially sell for. So, taking the time to care for the exterior of your home can provide many returns for you.

Whether you’ve got home improvement projects or you just want to maintain your home, repairing the siding is a great place to start. As mentioned, you’ll have an improved appearance and increased property value. Though it’s not the most inexpensive choice, it is a great way to improve your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to fix siding on a house?
    • You should budget for about $400 to $600 in total for siding repairs. Keep in mind, though, those costs can increase because of other costs. Things like labor fees, removal costs, restoration costs, and more can result in an increase to the overall total. 
  • Can siding be repaired?
    • It absolutely can! Most homes come with vinyl siding as the standard. Vinyl can easily be repaired, either in sections or completely replaced. Other siding options may require a bit more work, but repairing siding is not as difficult as you may think.
  • When should you replace siding?
    • The siding on your home will go through quite a bit over time. A good rule of thumb to stick by is to consider replacing the siding every 5-6 years. All siding should be replaced as soon as you notice damage, otherwise, it can wait every couple of years. 
  • What is the best siding for a house?
    • Probably the best siding choice for a home is stucco. It is resilient, durable, dependable, and when done correctly, looks great for a long time. Homeowners that can’t afford stucco have alternatives that are just as good for a fraction of the cost.
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