Have a Winter Roof Damage Inspection

Rain, snow, sleet, and ice may seem relatively harmless, but they can damage your roof. Even a seemingly strong roof is susceptible to winter damage. After your roof has been sitting in winter weather for a time, it’s best not to assume everything is fine just because you don’t see obvious signs of roof damage. Have a winter roof damage inspection, instead.

Ice Dams, Icicles, and Moisture on Your Roof

Ice Dam on Roof

Have a Winter Roof Damage Inspection.

Did you have ice dams or icicles this winter? The warm air from your home’s heater rises. Your attic and roof insulation should protect from excess heat there. However, that warm air can still rise, heat the roof, and melt what’s there. If it runs to the edge and re-freezes, you have an ice dam. Ice dams prevent good runoff, which can lead to roof damage. Icicles are sometimes signs of ice dams.

That same warm air can cause excess moisture in the attic when it meets the cool air. This is bad for your roof and attic. Mildew could develop, as well as mold and roof rot. This is why your attic and roof need good insulation and ventilation. A professional can inspect all this for problems.

Winter weather can inflict all sorts of damage on your roof. The cold winds, freezing water, thawing ice, and more make your roof and shingles susceptible to cracking, and leaks. You should always have a roofer look at your home’s roof system to make sure that winter isn’t destroying your roof. Call 717-267-0059 for roofing services in Chambersburg, PA.