Picking a Metal Material for Your Roof

Copper Metal

Metal Roofing Offers Robust Weather Protection and Long Term Value.

Maintenance on metal roofing may be easy, but picking the right material can be hard! There are so many styles and metals to choose from. If your head is spinning while you try to figure out which metal material is right for you, don’t worry! Here is a short guide on some of the most popular metals on the market!


Aluminum is one of the more prevalent metals in the American housing industry today, because it provides affordable, robust security against the elements. The most commonly sought after benefits of aluminum however, are energy efficiency and extreme corrosion resistance. Aluminum reflects sunlight better than most roofing materials and protects a building’s interior against ultraviolet radiation (it keeps the sun from heating up your building and wasting air conditioning).

Galvanized Steel

Steel offers incredible protection with a surprisingly low weight per square foot. Special zinc coating prevents galvanized steel from rusting or weakening from UV rays. One of the unique perks of steel, is that it rarely shows its age during its 50 year lifetime. Because steel is a recyclable commodity, it is typically the most accessible option for consumers in terms of price.


Copper is considered the “creme de la creme” of metals in the roofing industry for two key reasons. First, the metal is wonderfully malleable, so that it can conform to almost any roofing design. Second, each copper roof develops its own one-of-a-kind sheen as the years go by. This beautiful luster often causes home value to appreciate over the 100 year lifespan of the copper roof. In summary, copper roofing entails higher starting costs but offers superior, long-term home equity as it ages.

Hopefully this guide has brought you closer to discovering the perfect metal for your home. For questions and additional information about each type of metal material, talk to one of our experts at C & J Roofing LLC.. Give us a call at 717-267-0059.