Roof Coating Vs Replacement

Roof Coating, Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Can Help Revitalize Your Old Roof.

Whether you are a business owner or you are a homeowner who has an older home, the state of your roof could be giving you some cause for concern. Though roof repairs can help give your home another year of life, why not look for a longer solution? Roof restoration is an alternative to roof repairs that give your roof the strength to continue on for another decade, giving you time to save up money for a new roof. Roof restoration involves putting a roof coating to help prevent further damages to the already existing roof.

What Is A Roof Coating?

A roof coating is a protective shield that is installed over top of a pre-existing roof to help prevent further damages to the roof underneath. It helps bring new life into your old roof while enabling you some extra time to save money for a full replacement later on.

Roof coatings usually come in a liquid form and have the thickness of paint. It is then “painted” onto your roof and solidifies to become a solid membrane that is watertight, which helps prevent leaks. (Leaks are one of the biggest problems facing an older roof.)

Types Of Roof Coatings

There are various different types of roof coating that are designed to meet the specific needs of the roof in question. Below you will find the two different roof coating types so that you will be able to pick which one works best for you.

Remember, if you are ever in doubt as to which roof coating you need, or if a coating would even help your roof, you can always contact your local roofing specialists. If you live in Chambersburg, PA, you can turn the team that has dedicated their lives to providing high-quality roofs to its clients, C & J Roofing LLC.. Call us today for your free estimate at 717-267-0059

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone Roof coating is a versatile coating that can be fitted to any roof and has a plethora of great characteristics that can help keep your roof healthy.

Its durable, helping protect your roof from harmful UV rays that lead to sun damage. It also is water resistant, repelling water so that it doesn’t pool up on your roof. This helps you avoid problems such as staining on the roof or, even worse, leaks. Also, because water has a hard time staying on a silicone roof coating, it also prevents mold and mildew from growing. It also does not soften over time, as some other roof coatings do, and it is resistant to weathering, making it last for a long time.

The only downside about silicone is that it attracts dirt like a magnet. Dirt can cause the silicone to lose its reflective properties. This isn’t a problem if you are cleaning off your roof with a hose regularly or if you are in an area that experiences rain often. Another problematic thing about silicone is that it is highly adhesive on the bottom but does not allow things to stick to it. So when you are ready for a new roof, you need to get the whole silicone roofing pulled off.

Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic roofing is fantastic for most environmental climates and once again, can be applied to any kind of roof. Like silicone, it has a highly reflective surface, protecting your home or business from harmful UV rays. ONe advantage that acrylic has over silicone is that it is dirt resistant, helping it maintain its beautiful aesthetic while also maintaining its reflective properties. It is also the most cost-effective option out of the two.

Acrylic roofing does have some dysfunction to it though. Unlike silicone, acrylic has a harder time of expelling water. This can cause water to build up and increasing the risk of stains. It is watertight though, so the water shouldn’t slip to the roof underneath unless there is a gap in the seams. Acrylic also has a tendency to weather over time, which could leave parts of your roof vulnerable. This can be easily combatted by applying more acrylic coating to weakened areas.

Roof Restoration vs. Replacement

There are various reasons why a roof restoration is better than a whole replacement If your roof still has some life in it, a roof restoration could leave it performing well as new for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. A restoration also increases the lifespan of your original roof, which helps buy time to raise funds for another roof.

Restoration is also an environmentally friendly option whereas a roof replacement can lead to a lot of materials being thrown out. These materials, especially asphalt shingles generally end up in landfills.

You can also receive tax benefits from a roof restoration, as it is considered a maintenance expenditure as compared to a capital expense.

The only time it would be essential to get a roof replacement if is one, your roof has naturally reached the end of the lifespan, or two there have been recurring problems. These are generally a sign that even a roof restoration couldn’t bring your old roof back from the dead. To be completely sure, it is always advised to get an opinion from a professional. They will be able to tell you accurately about whether or not your roof could come back to life with a roof restoration.

Roof Coating Installation

Roof Coating, Roof Restoration

Roof Coatings Are Applied Just Like Paint.

If you are looking for a roof restoration job to help complete the renovations going on in your business or in your home, and you are in the Chambersburg, PA area, then call your team of roofing experts at C & J Roofing LLC.. We would love to work with you to get your roof back into tip-top shape. You can reach us by calling 717-267-0059

Other Commonly Asked Questions

  • Which Roof Coating Is The Best?

    • This is all determined on what kind of problems your roof is facing. You can ask a roofing specialist for their opinion to help you decide which is the best for you.
  • How Much Does Roof Coating Cost?

    • Once again, this is determined by how big your roof is and what type of roof coating you are using.
  • How Long Does It Take To Coat A Roof

    • It can take anywhere from eight to twenty-four hours to complete a roof coating project.