Flat Roof Restoration

Flat Roof Restoration C&J RoofingWhen the term “flat roof” is used, many commercial building owners don’t know that a flat roof is actually slightly sloped. This design helps defer water build-up that can damage the roof. Flat roof restoration is ideal for those who have an older commercial building that has significant damage or has had costly repairs before.

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The popularity of traditional flat roof has declined with the rise of rubber roofing and metal roofing, but commercial spaces can still benefit from a flat roof. Flat roofs have a certain look that is appealing to some commercial buildings, as they represent a “simpler” approach to a roof. However, the appeal to a flat roof also requires the maintenance as well. In any case, a flat roof restoration is highly recommended, as “ponding” water (water that collects in a certain area on the roof) can seep inside the membrane and seams of the building and cause extreme damage.

There are two general types of flat roof materials:

In the event of an initial improper installation, where a full roof tear-off must occur to eliminate any moisture and replace the rotted structure underneath, the durability of your restoration is taken into account. With a proper flat roof restoration and repair from C&J Roofing, you can prolong your flat roof and keep the structure of your space in-tact.

There are several benefits for a traditional flat roof:

  • Highly durable structure
  • Resists hail, rain and UV rays with a roof coating
  • Perfect for commercial spaces who want to install their HVAC units on their roofs

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