Polyurea Roof Coating Services

Polyurea Roof Coating C&J RoofingPolyurea roof coating is still fairly unknown to some commercial properties, but is quickly making a name for itself. Polyurea is becoming popular for its many touted benefits, including low-temperature flexibility, UV resistance, and low vaporization. The coating is capable of smoothly adhering to substances like metals and fiberglass for protection against the elements.

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What Is Polyurea And Why Should I Consider It?

Polyurea is formed by two components: isocyanate and an amine resin. When combined, these properties make a roof coating that is extremely flexible against temperature changes that occur. The application style allows for virtually any type of thickness that is desired and requested to be applied in usually one or two coats on a roof. When properly applied by a roofing expert at C&J Roofing, polyurea is able to conform to any contour and ridge found on the roof.

Several benefits come with a polyurea coating and should be considered for your next roof coating service:

  • Resistant to chemicals of any type
  • Lifespan can be doubled overtime with maintenance every 2-3 years
  • Abrasive and corrosive resistant
  • 15 year lifespan
  • Seamless and resistant against leaks

If you have undergone a metal roof restoration, your roof can greatly benefit from a polyurea roof coating. While it can be applied to most roofing structures, polyurea is perfectly paired with a metal roof restoration since it exhibits excellent expansion upon application, and high strength and resistance that can be seen overtime.

If you’ve undergone a recent metal roof restoration or are considering it, take a look at adding polyurea to your roof as it will exponentially expand the life of your metal roof.

Add Polyurea To Your Roofing Services

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