Roof Re-Coating Services

Roof Re-Coating from C&J RoofingHas the time come where your current commercial roof is suffering severely from weather and physical damage? Are you starting to see leaks, seam splits, and cracks within your office building? Overtime, your initial roof coating starts to wear down and can “rub off” due to hail damage, physical damage from the outside or UV rays. That is when a roof re-coating is needed to prolong the lifespan of your roof and keep any additional damage from affecting the roof structure.

Have a professional assess your commercial roof and see if it needs a new roof re-coat. If there is any sign of significant damage, it is time for a roof restoration and re-coating to ensure no other damage occurs. Contact us today at 717-267-0059 to learn more about our roof re-coating services in the Chambersburg, PA area.

Roof Coatings We Apply:

Knowing the lifespan of your initial roof coat can save you time and costs when it comes to re-coating in the future. On average, the lifespan of an initial roof coating is between 25-50 years with proper maintenance from a roofing expert service. Periodic roofing maintenance for commercial include cleaning and inspections to evaluate the condition of your roofing structure, and re-coating the roof will be recommended if necessary.

Did you know that debris and trash can build up in low spots on your roof, trapping moisture that can compromise the initial roof coating? When this happens, you’ll want to have the roof inspected and a re-coat applied to prevent the damage from spreading. C&J Roofing can assist in re-coating your roof with your preferred sealant, or a new one if your prefer.

If You’re Looking For A Roof Re-Coating, C&J Roofing Can Help

If you think your roof needs an extra coating, it is best to enlist a professional to apply a second layer of roof coating to ensure your commercial space is protected until you can schedule a roof repair or restoration. Contact us today at 717-267-0059 to learn more about our roof re-coating services in Chambersburg, PA.