Roof Safety and Christmas Decorations

People around the world have been climbing up to their roofs to hang those classic Christmas lights. It’s a long-time, festive tradition. Of course, the world is not without its accidents as a result of this activity. Practice roof safety as you put up your Christmas decorations this year, and every year.

Never Climb Onto the Roof

House with Xmas Lights at Night

Roof Safety and Christmas Decorations

You may be tempted to climb up onto your roof, or even sit on the edge and hang those lights and decorations. Avoid the temptation. Climbing the roof should be left to professionals with the right equipment and experience. As strong as roofs can be, they can have their faults that could leave you falling, injured, or with holes in your roof. Instead, stay on the ladder while someone steadies you from below and keep the lights to the edge of the roof.

Never Do It Alone

No matter how many times you have hung those Christmas lights, you can still have an accident. Don’t do it alone. Have someone help you, even if all they do is provide some support, and can get help if something happens.

Protect Your Roof

You have seen people put lights up with staple guns and nails before. It seems common, in fact. Do not do this. Use those little plastic clips that come with light sets, or buy them separately. They’re made so that you can attach those stringed lights to the edge of your roof without puncturing shingles, which is what we call roof damage.

Practice roof safety this Christmas season. When you need help maintaining your roof, or you need roofing services of any kind in Franklin County, PA, call 717-267-0059.