Security Doors

Are you aware of home burglaries / invasions in your neighborhood? According to F.B.I. data in America a home is being burglarized every 14 seconds and 85% of burglars gain entry through the door.

why security doors are safer

Notice the door to the left. The wood fame is ¾” thick and will shatter when force is laid upon it, even if the latch plates are secured with long screws into the wood framing of your home. You may have a high quality lock and deadbolt, your door edge will split when force is laid upon it!

Our neighborhood has become target to a recent outbreak of burglaries. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg, several homes in Scott Greene Estates and Grand Point Crossing have recently fallen prey to a series of burglaries. Victims reported stolen money, gold, jewelry, handguns, etc.

In genuine concern for the community, to provide peace of mind and help protect and secure homes, C&J Roofing now offers steel security doors.

The GibraltDoor is a 20 gauge steel door that comes attached to a steel frame with three security hinges. The latch and deadbolts (4 or 10) come out of the steel door edge and go into the steel frame. The steel frame, hinges and latch plate on the GibraltDoor are attached to your home with between 42 and 50 fasteners and may be fitted to any doorway (Interior or Exterior). Your door is secured with 16 fasteners!

The GibraltDoor will hold back unwanted intruders and give you the peace of mind knowing that they cannot gain entry through your home’s weakest area, the door, giving you ample time to call for help. With the GibraltDoor, you won’t come home to find your door kicked in and your home ransacked! After reviewing the quality of your current door’s construction, you decide that you are ready for a more secure home, and a better night’s sleep, give C & J Roofing a call.

Speak with one of our professional installers today and receive a free estimate. Our techs will walk you through the process, and give you information on the latest available services we offer with security doors! Click here to download the GibraltDoor digital brochure! C & J Roofing provides quality service at affordable prices throughout the Chambersburg, PA community and surrounding areas. Call 717-267-0059 today!