Steps That Are Taken In A Roof Insurance Claims Process

Steps That Are Taken In A Roof Insurance Claims Process

We Take You Step By Step In The Roof Insurance Claims Process.

A roof insurance claims process can be confusing if you have never dealt with one before. However, the process is easy if you have a professional roofing company by your side to explain it in detail. If you think your roof has damage caused by severe weather, it’s important to know about the roof insurance claims process so you feel more comfortable, confident, and less stressed.

File a Claim

When you have roof damage caused by a severe storm, the first step you want to take is to call your insurance company to file a claim. However, you might want to have a professional roofer inspect your roof to ensure you actually have roof damage.

Schedule an Inspection with an Adjuster

An adjuster is a person who works for your insurance company who will come to your home and inspect your roof. They will assess the damage to your roof and write up a report for your insurance. You can have your roofer at the adjuster’s inspection if you want.

Receive an Estimate

Once the adjuster has inspected your roof, he will write out what needs to be repaired or replaced on your roof.

Receiving a Check From Your Insurance Company

This is a step that confuses homeowners. When your insurance company gets the report from the adjuster, they will write you a check to cover the damages. However, it does not include depreciation of your roof or your deductible. It will seem like a small amount, but that is the reason why.

Hiring a Roofer

When you get your check from your insurance company, you are able to hire any roofer you want to fix your roof.

Send an Invoice

Once the roofer is finished with roof repairs or replacements, they will send an invoice to your insurance company. This is when the insurance company sends you a second check after they disclose the depreciation of your roof.

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