What Is the Best Security Door?

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Basic Info. On Steel Security Doors

Your front door is what is considered the main entryway from how people can access the interior of your property. With regular doors, it can effectively be opened with lock picking or a well-placed kick on the door. That’s why it’s important to consider heightening your security measures if you require extra protection. With steel security exterior doors or steel security doors for homes or businesses, you’ll be able to customize and fit your doors to the specifications of the frame, tightly fitting them in for added strength and protection. When you’re interested in steel security door installation rely on the experts for secure fittings. There are numerous benefits to steel security doors, here is some information as to how. 

What is the best material for an exterior door?

The best material for exterior doors can differ depending on the style and function you’d like your door to serve. When it comes to extra protection, steel security doors are considered the best material.

Is steel or fiberglass the better entry door?

These two materials are often compared to one another as far as when door upgrades are considered. It’s important to realize that although one has more options as far as aesthetics when it comes to security steel security doors are the better option. This is due to the fact that steel security doors are thicker in protective materials at its core and can hold up from impact whereas fiberglass doors are made of lightweight materials that can bend and break if hit hard enough. As of such, if security is not an emphasis here is how they compare to one another. Firstly, steel security doors are cut to the specifications of a doorway with wall frames and anchors added to the fittings of where they need to be installed. Sometimes additional drywall may be needed around the frame. With fiberglass doors, the door frame is measured with hinges placed strategically and the door added into it. As they are prehung they only need to be installed into the hinges and tightened against the frame. Other specifics such as adding additional shims must be conducted by a professional. With energy efficiency, although both types are better than wooden doors with you’ll see that fiberglass options are a bit more energy efficient due to their ability to work with climate changes as they can expand and contract to changes in temperatures.

Do steel doors rust?

Steel doors that aren’t coated should be hosed down and oiled often as they can rust. (They won’t need any cleaning, however.) With galvanized steel (steel that’s coated in zinc oxide) you’ll have not only corrosion and rust resistance but you’ll also have resistance to scratches. Metal doors, in general, come with a pre-finish coat of weather-resistant paint yet there are a variety of paints you can use on top of steel. As of such, with weather-resistant coatings, you can protect peeling from snow, rain or other effects of the weather.

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Benefits of Steel Security Doors

  • Increased Security
  • Can’t Be Broken
  • Can’t Be Kicked Open
  • Helps Withstand Harsh Weather
  • Is Fitted Into Frame
  • Keys Are Only Duplicated By a Manufacturer
  • Hinges Are Hidden
  • Keyless Locks Can Be Added

How can I improve my front door security?

 Instead of getting blind repair for ideal peeping abilities consider more technological advancements that can provide additional security to your steel security doors. There are many ways in which you can upgrade your home’s front door security.  One such way can be to add security cameras to the entry and even combine it with an alarm in order to notify you of what is being caught on the monitor. With a smart lock or smart doorbell, you may be able to monitor and program your door with the ease of your smartphone. Another way you can improve on the security of your door is by incorporating keyless locks such as scanners or other heightened technology. What’s more, deadbolts and any other type of locking systems can be added with steel security doors. If locks are weakened or exposed you may even incorporate slipcovers that can reinforce vulnerable areas. Finally, another way you can improve your door’s security is by implementing a security screen metal barrier that can even incorporate additional locks if preferred. This will basically add an additional barrier from anyone trying to enter.

How long do steel doors last?

Steel security doors installation should ideally last as long as it’s surrounding overhang does according to the National Association of Home Builders. However, if doors are left exposed to harsh elements or generally unprotected they may last as few as 30 years. As of such, you can expect a 25+ year life with metal doors.

Do steel security doors work?

Steel security doors do work as they have a thicker inner layer that is sturdy.  Although the thin outer layer can be scratched the inside can’t be penetrated. Although kicking the door can make a dent overall it will stand firm. Now if a tank comes over that’s another story.

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